FARMA 6.6 Z-Crane

Regular price $22,500.00

This Z-CRANE function and design are specific to applications where the crane needs to fold up and remain vertical. When installed on delivery trucks, it allows the bed to stay accessible where as a typical crane would lay over the top of the bed. It has a telescopic extension that's useful not only when you need to reach that extra couple of feet but also getting the load off the ground in order to allow the crane to bring the load closer, where the lift capacity is greatly increased.

  • Max reach: 21' 8''
  • Crane rotation: 380 degrees
  • Oil flow: 13-21 GPM
  • Weight: 1805 lbs
  • Max load at full reach: 1655 lbs
  • 50'' grapple standard
  • 1 year warranty