Log Grapples

FARMA 34'' Log Grapple
From $1,250.00
FARMA 42 inch log grapple
From $1,500.00
KRPAN offers a wide range of log grapples for excavators and knuckleboom trucks.
From $1,750.00
50 inch log grapple perfect for installation on excavator or knucklebooms
From $2,300.00
KRPAN 50" Log Grapple
From $2,650.00
50 inch brush grapple is ideal where log grapples are required to work in small twigs and branches.
On Sale from $2,500.00 Regular price $2,650.00 Sale
60 inch log grapple for larger excavators, log loaders and knucklebooms.
From $3,250.00
60 inch brush grapple for knuckleboom trucks and excavators as well as log loaders. Replaces log grapples.
From $3,500.00
Log grapple with continuous rotation for log loaders, excavators and knuckleboom self loader.
On Sale from $3,750.00 Regular price $3,900.00 Sale