Grapple Saws/ Shears

tree shears and grapple saws for commercial tree removal to home owners 
Mecanil SG220 grapple saw for Tree Mek knuckleboom
From $26,500.00 Sold Out
Mecanil SG280 Felling Saw
Regular price $32,500.00
GMT040 Grapple Saw
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GMT050 Grapple Saw
From $26,750.00
FARMA BC18 tree shear for cranes
On Sale from $4,500.00 Regular price $4,800.00 Sale
hydraulic tree shear for excavators by FARMA available at
Regular price $4,800.00
Side view high quality image of the FARMA BC25 tree shear.
Regular price $5,800.00
KX 210 Tree Shear
From $4,400.00 Sold Out
KX 280 Tree Shear
From $5,700.00 Sold Out
KX 350 Tree Shear
From $5,900.00