BC18 Shear Head for Crane

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FARMA felling heads make your work in the forest more productive and enable you to finish the job more quickly. Felling, gathering, cutting and loading everything from trees and brush to bushes and stumps can be performed easily. Trees are cut rapidly and the fixed blade is easy to maintain. The location of the centre of gravity makes it easy to position the grapple directly by the root. The FARMA Felling head is a combined grapple and felling head that is often used for clearing energy wood. The felling head is simple to install, and replaces the grapple loader's regular grapple tool.
Head automatically tilts down for unloading once the grapple is fully closed. Automatically tilts up for felling when grappl is fully opened. The tilt cylinder can also be locked to prevent the head from tilting up/ down, for example when you want to use the grapple simply for loading like a convential grapple.


  • Max recommended cutting diamater: 7''
  • Working pressure: 2755 psi
  • weight: 419''

*Many aspects that can influence the potential to cut a tree such as the tree species, moisture, and ambient temperature and whether the tree is frozen.

Interchangeable flange plate for 3 ton rotator included. Can also be used with FORMIKO 3 ton and 4.5 ton bolt on rotators.