FARMA 5.3 Log Crane

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The crane has a reach of 17.5'. C 5,3 lifts 1245lbs at full reach. The hydraulic hoses are will protected inside the lift arm

All the cranes are based on a new arm system comprising a link system between the lift arm and the outer arm. Thanks to their design, the cranes offer the very best close range properties, a smoother operation and an outer arm that is equally powerful through the working range. The linkage makes the work area adjacent to the crane column/railing much easier and smoother.
Standard Equipment:
  • 3+2 control valve
  • 42'' grapple
  • Weight: 1280 lbs
  • Slewing torque: 8.8 kNm
  • Boom rotation: 360 degrees
  • Dual cylinder rack and pinion turnhouse
  • Max reach: 17.5'
  • Required flow: 5-15 GPM
  • Working pressure: 2540 psi

Add telescopic outriggers!

  • Mount it on a road trailer or directly to a tractor 3 point hitch (trailer prep required)
  • Can be mounted sperately from crane and controlled from the same valve


Add an 8 ton forestry trailer!

  • 4 sets of adjustable posts
  • Adjustable rear extension to allow loading of long logs as well as shortening the trailer for tight areas. 
  • 440/60-15.5 12 ply forestry tires with reinforced rims
  • Fold down outriggers