MECANIL SG220 Grapple Saw

Regular price $26,500.00

Easy-to-use and lightweight grapplesaw with tilt -
A safe way to remove trees in difficult places

This Mecanil grapplesaw is without a doubt our best selling grapple saw for tree service professionals. It`s low weight and good cutting capacity make it a versatile tool for almost any boomtruck. With it's wireless remote control it has no need for any extra hydraulics and it requires a low oil flow. It is also very easy to install on a variety or machines such as excavators, boom trucks or forwarders.

*Your choice of handheld remote or 3 button control to be installed in a joystick. Neither option requires electrical lines to be run to the head.

  • Max sawing diameter: 17.75"
  • 1/2" oil lines only requires 1 supply and 1 return (additional to rotator)
  • min oil flow: 40 litres/min (10.5GPM)
  • weight: 727 lbs
  • max opening: 48'' 
  • includes battery and charger