FARMA Log Lifter 1000

Regular price $2,400.00

FARMA has developed a complete timber grip for front end loaders on tractors, wheel loaders, telescopic loaders and other small machines with standard brackets. With the LL1000 you can move the logs in a simple and easy way, on the farm and in the forest. 
All the log lifter´s key parts are made of high strength steel 650 materials to ensure the high strength. 
To add extra value for your log lifter we offer the RW600 winch as an extra option which is controlled by a wireless handheld remote control. The required valve and standard hoses are included, though your tractor will need a designated oil supply line and return.
  • Max opening: 39.3''
  • Min log size: 2''
  • Winch cable length: 100'
  • Max pulling capacity of winch at 2540psi: 1322 lbs 
  • Winching speed: Over 3' per second
*The timber grip comes with bolted brackets and can therefore be replaced with other brackets if necessary. Please specify at the time of order which brackets you need to fit your loader.
*A steel plate may also be bolted to the bottom teeth of the grapple to use it as a pinch instead of bypass style grapple. Just ask. It's included.
*cost of winch and installation: 1800$