FARMA Chain Mower Head For Excavator

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 FARMA's chain flail head CFH 100 is suitable for forestry roadsides and ditches, public and private park maintenance and for keeping the roadsides clean and tidy. The chain tends to split the small branches which causes them to dry out an die whereas a conventional blade cuts them off clean, promoting side shoots which needs to be recut after several months.
Also the chain has more flexability when hitting guards rails, stones and solid objects than a solid blade does. Extra chain inside the drum allows you to lengthen the chain in case of chain breakage instead of needing to replace the entire length.
  • Cut width: 40"
  • Max diameter of brush: 1.5''
  • Weight: 440 lbs
  • High speed /low noise hydraulic motor (2000rpm)
  • low oil flow requirements (max 70 litres/min, 18.5gallons)
  • Tempered steel adds strength without weight

*supplied with a standard flat base plate for mounting custom excavator attachments