FARMA 4.2 Log Crane

Regular price $12,000.00

As part of the FARMA Generation 2 series, we proudly present a small but powerful crane equipped with a telescopic boom. Yet another important step in our efforts to offer all our customers, regardless of work, the best of cranes on the market.

All the cranes are based on a new arm system comprising a link system between the lift arm and the outer arm. Thanks to their design, the cranes offer the very best close range properties, a smoother operation and an outer arm that is equally powerful through the working range. The linkage makes the work area adjacent to the crane's main column much easier and smoother.
  • Weight: 838 lbs
  • Slewing torque: 4.5 kNm
  • Boom rotation: 370 degrees
  • Max reach: 13.75'
  • Telescopic stroke length: 2'
  • 34'' grapple
  • Required flow: 2.5-9.5 GPM
  • Working pressure: 2540 psi