FARMA SG1000 Skidder

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FARMA skidder is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized tractors to haul full trees or lift and move logs. 

 The skidder is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic arm which allows you to reach the logs and pull them in close to the tractor before skidding, improving your center of gravity and tractor traction. It also comes with a hydraulic motor to rotate the grapple 1 full turn in order to precisely lign up the grapple with the log.

As an extra option to the skidder we offer the FARMA wireless remote controlled winch. With the winch also comes the protective screen to protect driver and the tractor. 

  • Categories 1 and 2
  • Telescopic arm max length: 68.5''
  • Telescopic arm min length: 49''
  • Grapple max opening: 41''
  • Winch pulling power: 1322 lbs
  • Winch wire length: 100'