KX 350 Tree Shear

Sale price $8,500.00 Regular price $7,900.00

The largest shear we offer, the KX  is built from high grade steel. An extension arm can be added to increase reach and get underneath low-hanging branches. The blade can also be removed quite quickly allowing you to have a grapple as well as a shear.

  • Recommended excavator: 13T-25T
  • Max cutting capacity: 13.75''
  • Weight: 1475lbs
  • Required pressure: 3900-4350psi
  • Grapple opening: 45''
  • 1 year warranty

*Blank bolt-on plate provided. Customer needs to weld their specific attachment style to that plate*

Available options:

  • 3' extension (93lbs)
  • Accumulator (220lbs)- requires designated oil lines