KX 280 Tree Shear

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***Available late February 2024. Reserve now at 2023 pricing!

KX design and builds only tree-shears and offer a wide range of accessories to fit every need. High grade steel is used throughout and the modular design allows you add accessories such as the accumulator or extension arm right at a later date. The blade can also be removed quite quickly allowing you to have a grapple as well as a shear.

  • Recommended excavator: 5T-12T
  • Max cutting capacity: 11''- softwood/ 8''- Hardwood
  • Grapple opening: 35''
  • Weight: 660lbs
  • Required pressure: 3900-4350psi
  • 1 year warranty

*Blank bolt-on plate provided. Customer needs to weld their specific attachment style to that plate*

Available options:

  • 3' extension (93lbs)
  • Accumulator (220lbs)- requires designated oil lines