FARMA 5.0 G3 Log Crane
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FARMA 5.3 Log Crane
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50 inch brush grapple. The largest brush grapple offered by FARMA replaces the log grapple when working in small branches and twigs.
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50 inch log grapple perfect for installation on excavator or knucklebooms
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Heavy Duty FARMA log grapple for installation on excavators or knuckleboom trucks.
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FARMA 6.3D log crane
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FARMA 6.6 Z crane stows away.
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22 foot FARMA Generation g3 log crane. Model 6.7D
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FARMA 7.0 self loading crane is 23' and packs alot of lifting capacity into a medium sized crane.
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FARMA 8.5 slef loading crane features 2 hydraulic telescopic extensions.
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FARMA BC18 tree shear for cranes
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hydraulic tree shear for excavators by FARMA available at
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