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Efficient bio mass head for excavators

The EX model of the EG250 are based on the normal EG250 energy wood felling head, except it has attachment for excavators and the hydraulics are more suitable for excavators. This grapple is an efficient combination of a felling head for energy wood and a traditional loading grapple. The head is suitable for all kinds of clearing and thinning operations as well as felling, collecting, handling and loading of trees and bushes etc. Excellent for clearing bushes and twigs, for example in field margins and roadsides. The grapple has a patented cutting knife which demands a small space and which manage cutting of thick trunks fast.

  • Max cutting diameter: 10"
  • required oil flow: 10-24 GPM
  • requires either 2 inlets and 2 outlets or an electronic selector solenoid
  • weight: 727 lbs
  • max grapple opening: 57"