KRPAN GR Series with Rigid Rotor

Regular price $5,600.00

If you've got 1 pair of hydraulic outlets such as a thumb function, we've made it easy for you. 

What you need to do:

1. Weld on the attachment ears to our blank plate

2. Plumb the 2 hydraulic lines to the multiplier valve

3. Install the wiring harness inside the joystick

4. Get to work.

This is our heaviest duty grapple and is specifically designed to be installed on excavators.

  • Max Opening: 54''
  • Min Log Diameter: 2.25''
  • Capacity: 5620 lbs
  • Weight: 340 lbs + 152 lbs of hardware
  • Claws made of 3/5 grade 700 STRENX steel
  • Quick action cylinder

 The rigid rotators are rated to 6 tons and can be used to tilt the grapple up and down using the bucket cylinder.