JAK 250 Shear Head for Crane

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A simple tree shear for knucklebooms and excavators

 Centers the trees easily, increasing working efficiency.

1 supply/ return line required for the head, 1 supply/ return line for the rotator is required.

Head automatically tilts up into felling position when grapple is opened all the way and tilts down to unload when the grapple is fully closed. A valve on the tilt cylinder can lock the head in either position.

  • Max cutting diameter: 10''
  • Max opening: 27.5"
  • Weight 640 lbs
  • Required oil flow: 16 GPM (60 litres)
  • 3625-4350 psi (250-300 bar)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Replaceable Hardox steel blade