Mechanical Forestry Winch

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KRPAN is one of the oldest forestry winch manufacturers in the world. The clutch/ brake system is not only more efficient but also much safer than typical winches which use a sprocket style drum with a locking lever.

With the KRPAN winch, a brake band goes around the drum and the logs are automatically locked into place when the clutch is disengaged. This ensures that the load is not lost after winching on an embankment and also allows them to be released ''on the fly'' even when there is tension on the cable. You therefore never need to stop the tractor in areas where traction becomes an issue. Simply release the load, continue driving to a safer area and rewinch the logs.

Functions are simple: Pull the green cable to winch in the logs. The brake is automatically engaged to hold the logs when the green cable is released. Pull the red cable to disengage the brake and release the logs.

  • Fully powder coated
  • 3 year warranty

Included equipment:

  • chainsaw holder
  • removable trailer hitch
  • PTO shaft
  • hookeroon/ axe holder