Rigid Rotator for Excavator

Regular price $2,200.00

When installing a grapple on an excavator, you may find it helpful to have the ability to angle the grapple, especially when working in disaster-relief areas or when dealing with thick underbrush.

This rotator comes with a 4 bolt attachment and therefore can be used with all of our KRPAN grapples as well as the 50'' and 54'' FARMA grapples.

If you only have 1 set of hoses available, add an electric solenoid. It comes mounted to the plate and is complete with a universal wiring harness to add a switch to the joystick of the excavator. Effectively turns your 1 outlet into 2!

  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Max static load: 13 200 lbs
  • Max dynamic load: 6300 lbs
  • Max pushing load: 11 000 lbs